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18 things NOT to do!

Posted by lmyette on August 3, 2012

Getting ready to go into the real world and get jobs, we need to remain cognizant that potential employers may go to our social network sites to find out more information about us than we put on our resumes. Jobvite did a recent study surveying more than 1,000 companies and determined that since companies have started using social media, 50% reported finding more candidates and 43% find better candidates. 

With even more evidence that companies look to our social network sites to verify if we are able to complete a job, beware of what you post and make sure you do not do any of these 18 things

One Response to “18 things NOT to do!”

  1. karam said

    haha very funny article and although I agree with most of the list it is odd that I cant declare that i want to be single forever or that I’m always jumping between relationships.

    So where do we draw the line, and why is it that my future employers care so much if i post my love life or the lack of it on my personal page ?

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