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Companies Jumping Onboard When it Comes to Social Media

Posted by kap07 on August 3, 2012

A couple weeks ago I went to grab some lunch over in Bethesda and noticed a new burrito place called, Boloco Bethesda. At first I was ready to dismiss yet another Chipotle place trying to be a hit. But, being opening day I saw that they were giving free burritos I said why not. No, this blog post isn’t about the food , but what was inside the restaurant. Flat screens two of the three there showcasing Boloco’s  YouTube channel where videos of customers thoughts on the brand Boloco- which there are several around the U.S.- and also tweets from customers. This new way to showcase a brand was a first I have seen. Usually I see articles on this, but this was a first time account I had with it.

Fortune magazine wrote an article a while back on Nike and how they posted their live Twitter  feed on the side of  a  building  in another country as a part of a campaign. Nike  is actually placing less money on  advertising in print  and going for things more cutting edge and engaging their customers according to the article.

So for me, I have to say I think it’s a fascinating idea and yes, I am following Bocloco Bethesda on Twitter, but notice their interaction was limited at first with followers, but now they seem to be doing a better job. So, as always, the rule of thumb if you are showcasing your company on any social media platform: engage with them. It leaves an impression with them that can bring in more followers and positive brand awareness.



One Response to “Companies Jumping Onboard When it Comes to Social Media”

  1. jorogrady said

    For a company like Nike, this is a nice way to further an already strong message. For a relatively unknown company trying to introduce itself to new customers in a new area, this is a great way to explain itself and show how much other customers enjoy the company. Marketing classes constantly talk about how people trust other people’s opinions when making their own choices, and Boloco’s approach makes use of this very well. Great idea!

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