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Posted by rubenmarinbach on August 3, 2012

In a recent 10-Q, (Don’t know what that is…) filing, Facebook acknowledged that 83 millionwhich is almost 9% of their total accounts – are “fake”. Now, “fake” can mean many things – duplicate accounts, spam, or user-misclassfied accounts – but the bottom of the line is that these accounts aren’t real. What impact does this have on your life? None, really. But could anyone have imagined 10 years ago that a social media platform would exist where the amount of fake accounts registered to the website outnumbers the population of Egypt?

With Facebook slated to hit the 1 billion user mark sometime within the next calendar year, this is just a supportive indication of how small the world is getting. Now, time to go back and double check that the Eli Manning who friended me last week actually plays for the Giants…

-Ruben Marinbach


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