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Marriage Proposal Anyone?

Posted by lmyette on August 3, 2012

Through the use of social media, Joel Bush’s marriage proposal to Jennifer Orr swirled around the Internet after a Reddit photographer captured their special moment on Austin’s capitol grounds. Patrick Lu was passing through the park when he saw Bush down on one knee and decided to capture the couple’s special moment and share it with the world.

Once on the site, the picture made it to the top of /r/Austin with 1,400 up votes — the highest of all time in the /r/Austin subreddit. Bush ended up finding the post and shared his happy news that Orr said yes! Having a candid picture provides Bush and Orr the ability to see the moment that they lived in a different light. Lu plans on giving Bush a full resolution picture next week.

Having this picture float around the Internet and find its way back to the couple in the picture, is truly a fairytale and something unexpected. Without Twitter and Reddit, who knows if Bush would’ve ever found the pictures.

Check out the story here on Mashable.


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