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Evil side of social-without a face.

Posted by lmauti on August 5, 2012

When I was little, my mom (and most moms) always said, “If you can’t say anything nice, Don’t say anything at all.”  It’s a good policy.  One that can be hard to follow.  We’re all human.  We all become angered.  And, we all say things we might not mean, but in the moment, they make the most sense.

Last week, I blogged about how my friend posted a celebratory post about Boston writing a letter to Chick Fil A and then in turn, one of her Facebook friends attacked the whole thing on her wall.  This friend is someone who doesn’t get political and uses Facebook for family pictures.

My point this week, which was inspired by a post by Scott Monty, is that social media has become outright mean.  And that mean has become acceptable.  Why?  I think that we as a society have become so shielded by our devices that we get “balls of steel” on a moments notice and don’t really think about the fact that our words might live on forever in social land.

We have become faceless devices.  Hell, on Twitter, there are even lots of nameless creatures of hate.  Just out there to make a point.  I guess that every generation has their way of getting this hate out.  It just seems that with our generation, the hate take place online and last forever.  Instead of lasting forever in yesterday’s newspaper.


2 Responses to “Evil side of social-without a face.”

  1. karam said

    I completely agree and i do notice this on a daily bases. People in general are afraid of confrontation and are very passive. This online world is providing them with a safe environment were they can be mean and hide behind their computers. i think it will only get worse unless we all go back to the basics ” treat people like you want to be treated”

  2. nadia728 said

    I agree, social media makes it easier because you don’t have to face the person and the physical distance makes it even easier. Maybe there needs to be a push for playing nice on social media. I don’t know who would institute those rules, but I think it could be pushed. We can have new sayings If you can’t be cyber nice, don’t sign up!

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