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Any one can be an expert online

Posted by ki6866a on August 6, 2012

If anyone has seen total recall with Arnold Schwarzenegger you must have noticed the scene where Arnold faces a lady with three breasts. The article in Mashable talks about the Kaitlyn Leeb and her appearance in Comic-con with a 3 breast costume.

What truly intrigued me about this article are the discussions that took place on Yahoo answers after the pictures were uploaded to the internet. Needless to say in addition to hundreds of sexual comments, there were a lot of people who thought it was true.

This might seem disturbing but the point I’m trying to make is that the Internet is only as truthful as its users. People now think they are doctors and use WebMD as if it is similar to visiting a doctor. Who knew that you didn’t need to spend 9 years of your life studying medicine just go to WebMD and you can be your own doctor.

Although the internet has made it easier for all of us to have more information available, it does not mean that we are experts. Unlike a doctor or a lawyer who is liable for what he says, your smelly neighbor bob is probably not a good source of information.


One Response to “Any one can be an expert online”

  1. bn2954 said

    The internet can be a very scary place – for people suffering from symptoms of any kind. I have a friend who works in a children’s hospital and the first thing they tell parents of children who receive any type of diagnosis is: “do NOT google this.” The reason? These ideas should be given from a medical professional. Every case is unique and statistics can just scare people. I am guilty of doing this myself though – and getting worked up over what I have found.

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