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Mars Rover Live Tweets Journey

Posted by jmillili on August 6, 2012

The Mars rover Curiosity made history for its picture perfect landing on Mars last night and even managed to live tweet the adventure to its thousands of followers. As expected, the highly anticipated landing is and continues to be one of the leading news stories of the day and the aircraft’s personal Twitter account has been buzzing ever since with status updates and even photos. Check out the Curiosity’s Twitter at @MarsCuriosity.

As reported by NBC, the Mars rover took to Twitter to tell the inside story of its launch and landing. Of course Curiosity being the machine that it is, is not actually tweeting, rather, the voice of its Twitter account is a collaborative effort of three women for NASA’s social media. Led by NASA’s social media manager, Veronica McGregor, the three women give the machine a voice and are able to connect with NASA enthusiasts in a unique way. While the story is making headlines because of its recent landing, the Twitter account, which was launched in 2008, has been active for over three years now.


5 Responses to “Mars Rover Live Tweets Journey”

  1. karam said

    very interesting. Do you think this was done to get more people interested in the program or is it more of a stunt to get more funding for this or other projects.

    • nadia728 said

      Either way, I think this is a great idea for such a project that may not ordinarily be as interesting to a non-NASA/science audience. And the idea to have it be from the perspective of the Mars Rove was a simple brilliance. I’m glad that an organization like NASA found a way to implement social media which can get their message out to so many more people. And then potentially get returns in the form of funding just from the fact that they were able to raise the awareness of the project and get others excited. Great job NASA! @MarsCuriosity looking forward to those larger color photos!

  2. jmillili said

    I think more than anything the account was developed as a creative tactic to engage the public. The content pushed out on the feed is informative, visual and catchy–the writers definitely know how to generate public interest in this way. I think funding and increasing awareness could definitely be supplemental perks of this Twitter strategy, but I don’t necessarily believe they are the primary reason for the development and continuance of the feed itself. I think also the feed’s longevity (three years and counting) also plays into engaging the public and generating genuine interest among its followers.

  3. lmauti said

    Regardless of why they did it-how awesome is it that they did it!! What other scientific event has been so tracked using social media in a real-time manner? I think it was a true testament to where we can take science-related, typically “boring” news. Great!

  4. jorogrady said

    Not that it was done with the same purposes in mind, but did anyone see last spring when the Bronx Zoo snake got loose…and got a Twitter account? ( I loved following @BronxZoosCobra, and especially loved when other Twitter accounts got in on the fun:

    @BronxZoosCobra: If I recognize a single belt… RT @Bergdorfs @dkny @BronxZoosCobra it’s a good time to visit you know. Our resident mongoose is on holiday

    And, more recently, the snake tweeted about the Mars rover!
    ‏@BronxZoosCobra: Nasa’s rover that just landed on Mars has a twitter account: @MarsCuriosity. Can you think of anything more ridiculous?

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