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Think before you Tweet

Posted by kap07 on August 6, 2012

Read a disturbing article the other day. A teen over in Scotland walked by a man on the road around 2 am.  Instead of the teen calling an ambulance, like I think most people would do, the teen took a picture and tweeted it.  And worst yet, the man die some hours later. It’s not certain if it was a car accident that lead him to be laying on the road.  The teen claimed that he was afraid to get out of his car to help the man since it was late and didn’t know what the man would do.

I have been in a somewhat similar  situation a couple years ago. And, I did happen to see that  he was half laying on the street and half on the grass. I called 911 to report it and I wasn’t the only person. The  operator told me that they had authorities on the way and told me that they had received a few calls about other people that came across the same person.

As for the teen, the tweet was removed from Twitter and he could face charges.  And, even though the case is in Scotland, there is the good samaritan law I heard about in the states and mostly this entire situation comes down to – not everything must be tweeted and really, if someone needs help, it doesn’t hurt to call someone or if it is safe, help them yourself. You got a cell-use it wisely.


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