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Facebook Now Lets Brands Target Posts By Age, Gender

Posted by kxnnxth on August 8, 2012


Facebook recently announced that it will be offering narrower targeting options for brand page posts.  Marketers in the pursuit of uniquely reaching the specific demographics of their stratified target markets have long coveted this feature.  Page admins have been able to target Facebook users based on language and location but the new target options include “Gender, Interested In, Relationship Status, Education, [and] Workplace.”

This feature is obviously to great benefit of marketers but consumers often express discontentment when they hear of online marketers selling data about users and their online habits. But aren’t there advantages on the side of the consumer that are being overlooked?  Most people do not enjoy interruptive ads. They mute them, skip them, close them, or switch to a new tab for a few seconds to do something else while it’s running its indelible course before the YouTube video you want to see.  However, do we mind the interruption so much or do we mind what we are being interrupted by? If the latter, could it be in part due to a lack of accurate targeting tools at the disposal of advertisers? Perhaps, this new feature will be of value not only to marketers but to consumers as well.

On the other hand, are we removing the possibilities for those happy accidents whereby we learn about those things that make us diverse, unique, and eclectic because we don’t exactly fit in those things’ target markets?

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