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Red Cross Digital Operations Center

Posted by AlanaR on August 8, 2012

In 2010, The American Red Cross conducted a survey to assess the use of social media in disaster and emergency relief.  The online survey was completed by 1,058 participants representative of the US population aged 18 and older. Below are some of their key findings:

Nearly 3 in 4 respondents in at least one online community or social network: Facebook was not surprisingly the most popular (58%), followed by YouTube (31%), MySpace (24%), and Twitter (15%).

Respondents with children in the household are more likely to use social media (81% vs. 67% for those without children).

One in six (16%) of respondents have used social media to get information about an emergency, however only 14% via Facebook and 6% via Twitter


Two years later, this information seems archaic! For one thing, Twitter usage would certainly surpass MySpace and probably YouTube as well, and the statistics of where people get their information on emergencies are very different. To address this shift, the Red Cross teamed up with Dell and launched a Digital Operations Center in March 2012. This is the first social media-monitoring platform dedicated to humanitarian relief. The Digital Operations Center will equip the Red Cross to better share safety and preparedness tips during natural disasters.  A Mashable article explains that the Digital Operations Center accepts “digital volunteers” to respond to social media calls for aid. Check out the article here for more information.


One Response to “Red Cross Digital Operations Center”

  1. kap07 said

    Very interesting. Volunteered over at American Cancer Society years ago. Hopefully they take a look at some of the articles you have mentioned and think outside of the box with how they are reaching out to others.

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