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Social Media or T.V.?

Posted by kap07 on August 8, 2012

Twitter tipped it off and Mashables picked it up. Rumor has it Obama care will result in food costs to rise  for certain big chains because of  healthcare to all employees. This post is not meant to get into the political aspect of things, but to look at where the source arrived from. A tip… from Twitter…. How many times have we found out about the latest news on a social networking site?

I remember when I heard about the shooter at Virginia Tech last Fall. We had a break in class and I saw on my Twitter feed what was going on. Or, when Osama bin Laden was killed I remember reading it online in my newsfeed. Do you feel that news is now less and less on T.V. and the public is just getting their news from social media? Do you think this could lead to a backlash in some way?


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