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BBM: An alternative mobile medium for Plebes and Gentry alike.

Posted by nigeriaveritas on August 9, 2012


BBM is an acronym for Blackberry messaging service. It is a messaging service between blackberry handsets and has data, and audio-video content capability. Despite the demise of Blackberry’s owner (The Canadian firm Research in Motion), BBM is immensely popular and growing.

The following is a Nigerian business advert for corporate car rentals (note the contact options):



How will you like to rent a brand new, not-branded saloon car/SUV with just a phone call?

Acecarz® offers chauffeur driven services that include:

·         Daily car rentals

·         Airport Pick -ups & Drop-offs

·         Point to point movements

·         Interstate Travels and more…

We currently serve employees of Total Nigeria Plc, Honeywell Group, The Tony Elumelu Foundation, Olam Nigeria, Loopy Music, amongst others.

To make reservations, Call us on 0802 8668 603, 01842 7896Add us on Blackberry 26CCBB7E or send a mail to


Kelvin Nakpodia

Snr. Marketing Manager, Acecarz.

P: +234-1-8427896


Note the Blackberry contact details. The alphanumeric tag is a pin number for BBM.

BBM is a major tool of mobile communications amongst professionals in GSM markets across Africa and Europe. Ironically, BBM is equally popular among lower income youth in the U.K, and middle class young adults in West Africa. In Nigeria BBM has become a noun, people say “BBM” me, to mean send me a message by Blackberry mail.

In the U.K. riots of 2011, BBM was the primary means of communications of the rioters. So much so that  the British government called on RIM (Blackberry maker) to shut down the service.

It is interesting to see where it will all lead should RIM manage to resuscitate itself.


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