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It’s Story Time!

Posted by aliverpo03 on May 23, 2013

In the wide world of photo sharing and editing apps, it was only a matter of time until a photo app came out specifically for parents. Who better to collate and create an outlet for sharing family photos than the ultimate family organization, The Walt Disney Company? Earlier this month, Disney released a new photo sharing app, Story. Story, which is currently only available on the iPhone, unlike other Disney apps does not promote a character or television show but is specifically designed for parents to share memories.

So what makes Story different from other photo apps? Well, Story allows photos to be organized and strung together in a flip book style photo collage, complete with words!  By connecting with your camera-roll, Story puts together moments based upon the location they were taken and then allows you to edit them and use themes to make a Story.The app does not have a news feed or a homepage. Photos are shared with whomever you want on the outlet you chose; you do not have to have the Story app to view the story book.

Take a look at Story’s tv spot to see how it’s done.

Although Disney’s new app has some cool features, it’s questionable weather it will gain the popularity of other photo apps like Instagram. Part of the fun of photo sharing is being able to see what others are doing. Because of a lack of news feed, Story may remain popular only with it’s initial target audience, parents.

-Amanda Liverpool-Cummins


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