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Whatever You Do, Do Not Eat The Yellow Snow Cone!

Posted by richardjudge on May 23, 2013

With a record of 14-33 and sitting in the basement of the American League Western Division, the Houston Astro’s baseball season is slowly swirling down the drain.  Things just couldn’t get any worse for the club.

But wait, yes it can!

Snow Cones

What started with a bad decision by a Minute Maid Park vendor has now become a social media headache for the club.  It began when an unsanitary snow cone salesman decided to stop off at a bathroom stall. Unfortunately, he brought  his frosty cones in with him.  What he didn’t know was that a disgusted fan videotaped the whole incident from outside the stall.  The video shows the delicious treats sitting on the ground, just inches from the squatting offender.  After initially appearing on a local Houston TV station, the video has spread across the blogosphere and social media, offering fodder for amateur twitter comics everywhere.

Aramark – who handles concessions at the park – immediately dropped the worker, but the video has left its mark.  Neither Aramark or the Astros have commented on the video thus far through their social media sites, but should they?  Is this merely a problem that will blow over, or could it leave a more permanent stain?

Rick Judge


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