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Disney Understands How to Get Ahead in Social Media

Posted by juliarav on May 24, 2013

I am not necessarily a Disney fan, but I am amazed by how Disney become so powerful and popular since I was little. The Marshable article did a great job highlighting many key factors that lead to the success of Disney’s social media strategies. Several key ideas I took away from the articles are interesting to share:  

  • Recognize the importance of social media and build strategies to support the overall mission of the company. One of the biggest missions of Disney is to contribute to more happiness in this world, so they embrace the idea of making fun and build key themes like Disney Living and Disney Baby. YES, Disney is everywhere and closes to our hearts. 
  • Understand your target audience: what they are using and what they need. Easy and straightforward. Primarily targeting children, Disney now owns Marval, creates children’s book apps on IOS and Android, showcases how the idea of LEGO was invented and how Star Wars characters are friends with Disney characters. 
  • Community is important. Going back to the concept of promoting ideas through word of mouth, Disney does a great job categorizing people into different groups and online forums.
  • Successful business = more money  great consumer retention, strong mutual relationship, smooth communication and true love (with the brand, of course).  
  • Focus on “of course” audience, but also secondary audiences. Disney fans will probably love Disney no matter what, but in order to expand and build on that success, Disney now gains over comics fans by incorporating Marvel and movie fans by showing the connection between Disney and movies like Toy Story and Toy Story 2. 

This whole article is about how Disney utilizes social media to enhance its outreach efforts to different demographics and alter its business model with the understanding of the fundamental theories of communication. 


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