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Google Search: My Photos

Posted by aliverpo03 on May 24, 2013

We all know that employers use Google to look up potential employees prior to an interview. Chances are when this was mentioned last class you Google Searched yourself to see what you could find. Luckily for us, Google has just made it easier to find ourselves online. Google has recently brought intelligent search to Google+.  What does this mean exactly? Well now all you have to do to locate your photos is Google search “My Photos” or “My photos from (insert vacation)” and photos that you have posted to the social media site will be displayed.

This new search method is potentially useful, a real time saver if you are an avid user of Google. The searching capabilities however, do not extend past Google+. Many people mostly post photos to Facebook or Instagram and these photos will still not be collected in a search for “My Photos.” Perhaps this new photo finding feature will make the use of Google+ more popular, especially for photos.

As we already talked about in class, the terms of service on many social media sites have stated that information, including photos, posted on those sites become available for public use. No matter how private we think we are online, our information can always be found. Although this is ultimately useful, it kind of makes me nervous that  finding pictures of myself online has become even easier.

So what do you guys think, is this creepy, or brilliant, or creepily brilliant?

Check out this article to find more about Google’s new search technology

-Amanda Liverpool-Cummins


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