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Social Media Gets You Supermodel Prom Date!

Posted by juliarav on May 25, 2013

When high school boy Jake Davidson’s viral prom proposal got noticed by thousands of fans on Youtube, this boy was in the spot light. He got to take a supermodel to his high school prom, although not the one he asked for in the video.

I found it fascinating that people nowadays are contributing to the growth of social media in ways they cannot possibly imagine years before. We are making things happen – as consumers, and more importantly – providers, who are leading the trends of next year’s superbowl ads and the most popular Youtube videos. Also, social media helps us get to know people we generally see on the big screen, and to express our thoughts freely as long as we are not sabotaging others’ reputation, or who knows if causing a crisis can be good or bad. More importantly, people’s social networks tend to overlap over one another rather than being separated. It sounds like the living in a small community where everyone knows what happens to their neighbors and even their neighbors’ neighbors. Celebrities are now reaching out to their fans and target audiences differently, keeping in mind that “any publicity is good publicity” and the importance of expanding their fan base, more motivated, yet normal people like Jack are perfect groups, by lowering the boundaries of getting in their social networks is not a huge commitment at all.  

There is no doubt that Nina Agdal was a smart girl. She stepped in this spot light, after the video caught enough attention and everybody waited for the answer from Kate Upton, all relaxed and acted nicely to recommend herself to replace Kate. Of course, how could Jack ever turn down a supermodel? 


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  1. Some really interesting info, well crafted and broadly user friendly.

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