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Posted by bexmoy on May 26, 2013


Every few months it seems that a panic sweeps over some social media site. Friends and relatives who in real life seem like well-reasoning human beings fall for the notion that by posting a message to the owner of the site, they will be safe from any decision the company might make.

For the past few days, Instagram has seen posts (500,000 in fact) that included the message #dontdeletemyaccount. Based on my own personal feed, and further confirmed by this Mashable article, teens were among those most fearful that Instagram may just delete their accounts randomly, and that a hashtag could save them.

I will give users the benefit-of-the-doubt on this, that they figure it’s better to be safe than sorry. Regardless, it illustrates that you never know what could go viral.

For the sake of the brands themselves (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Gmail) it’s also important that each has a plan in place to communicate with its users. Instagram (because of the nature of the App) had to take to its blog and Twitter to get the message out that it would not be deleting accounts. Not an ideal situation.

How do you think Instagram should have responded? If it had gotten to be a wider spread issue, I think a push notification may have been the way to go.



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