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Facebook: You Can Check In Any Time You Like, But You Can Never Leave (?)

Posted by zachthebernstein on May 26, 2013

A new study found that many teenagers are starting to get tired of Facebook, citing factors like parental interference – about 70% of teens surveyed are Facebook friends with their parents – and concerns about posts harming them in the future.  Despite all of that, teen usage of Facebook actually ticked up slightly over the past year, from 93% to 94%.  The downside for Facebook?  Teen usage of other social networks, like Twitter and (Facebook-owned) Instagram, are rising faster, which means teens are spending less time on Facebook.  And as the article notes, these surveys were mostly done last September and don’t take into account other changes in the social media landscape which bode worse for Facebook.

Now, you could say, well, Facebook has had all kinds of scandals in the past and users have generally stuck around, despite angry threats to leave.  (To illustrate my point, here’s an infographic detailing various Facebook controversies through September 2010, including various changes to the News Feed and the infamous Beacon program that published users’ purchases without their consent.  Did anyone in this class even temporarily quit Facebook in protest?)  Surely they can withstand this, right?

Well, the number of people using Facebook has dropped in both the US and United Kingdom over the first three months of this year, and if these poll numbers are any indication, it isn’t because people have gotten worked up about some new unannounced change.  It’s that they may actually be getting tired of it.  Facebook certainly isn’t strapped for members, but I wonder – do you think you could live without Facebook?


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