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19 Companies That Made Huge Social Media Fails

Posted by rc9530a on May 27, 2013

Oh Buzzfeed. Whenever you need a good distraction, Buzzfeed comes to the rescue to save ou with an endless amount of lists for you to carouse at your leisure. While on my daily exploration of the fabulous site, I came across a brand new list that pertained to our class discussion from last week.

19 Companies That Made Huge Social Media Fails

What I loe about this list is that it exposes the false sense of achievement that many social media users feel when interacting with accounts that post some sort of call to action. Whenever an account tells you to “like this post if you hate cancer” or “retweet this if you want to end world hunger,” you aren’t actually accomplishing anything, you’re just giving that account free publicity.

Behavior like this also creates a false sense of achievement for companies that may be outsourcing their social media. The firm can report that they had “x” number of retweets of a certain “retweet if you (inser popular opinion here)” post, and report these numbers to their client, misleading the client into thinking that all these retweeets actually mean something. What number of these people actually went out of their way to learn more about the account tweeting, as opposed to those who just pressed retweet and went on their way?

Regardless, enjoy the list.


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