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30 Days of Really Annoying Social Media-lized Words

Posted by Lauren F. on May 27, 2013

Have you ever been asked, ‘what’s your bandwidth like today?’ in your office? Do you cringe every time the “Go National” commercial comes on TV (Hint: “You are a Business Pro. Monarch of Marketing Analysis. With the ability to improve ROI through SEO all by COB. And you rent from National. Because only National lets you choose any car in the aisle and go. You can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price.”). Then you’ll definitely like Mashable’s 30-day list of the most overused marketing buzzwords. 

Although I too find the words on this list exceedingly irritating, amongst the plethora of usual suspects like synergy, gamification, and viral, I was interested to see that there are a few words that stand out as potentially worthwhile. So, I figured I would share a few. 

  1. SoLoMo = “In inclusive term for three big trends: Social media, local commerce, and mobile apps.”
  2. Second Screen = “Describes content on one device (us. a tablet, smartphone, or computer) that provides contextual information for programming us. on television.” 
  3. P-Commerce = “Participatory Commerce or Pinterest Commerce. A sales model allowing shoppers to participate in the design, selection, or funding of their products.”

For the complete list go to


Lauren Fliegelman


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