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Got a Car? Forgett Gas, Use Social Media Fuel

Posted by aliverpo03 on May 27, 2013

Road trip check list:

  1. Awesome tunes…Check
  2. Yummy snacks…Check
  3. Car powered by social media….Check!!

For high school students in the Minddrive program in a Kansas City the social media powered car is a real thing. These students recently transformed a 1976 Volkswagen into an electric car that recognizes the twitter, Facebook and Instagram of Minddrive and uses interactions to move. A tweet with #minddrive will literally propel the car forward. I know, this is something you have to  see for yourself. Don’t worry, you can. The students are taking the car on a road trip to D.C. to test its social media capabilities.

How cool would it be to have a line of cars powered by social media. Social media seems ultimately more useful wen you could simply tune into the social media of a favorite company and use it to power your vehicle. I’m sure that in the end the feasibility of a line of social media cars would involve much more than just altering the battery; these sites would have to make money some how. But for now it’s cool to dream and watch how one after school program did it.

So here, Check out this video form the students of Minddrive and then like their Facebook page, tweet to them on Twitter, follow them on Instagram; help them get to D.C.!

-Amanda Liverpool-Cummins


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