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Twitter gets fans front row seats to Kanye’s video release.

Posted by My Freshman Year of Life on May 27, 2013

Kanye West is no stranger to dishing out his life on social media. From sending subliminal album release dates to ranting about his personal life, Kanye is no stranger to Twitter at all.
However, if you’re fan of Kanye West’s music and a Washington, DC resident like myself, you were probably relatively upset that the nation’s capital was outstanding from the list of cities wherein which his newest video premiered on the walls of buildings, and the blank canvases of billboards. If you’re unsure about what I’m talking about, let me feel you in.

About a week ago the 21-time Grammy award winner announced to his 9.4 million followers on Twitter that he would be projecting the release of his new video on 66 buildings across the globe in cities such as California, New York,Toronto, Paris and Sidney to name a few. A map showing where each screening would take place was also posted on his website.If this isn’t a great marketing/ PR strategy, I don’t know what else is.

As you all may know, social media for artist and companies is a free marketing tool. It allows them to create a brand, communicate with their audience and receive feedback. With that being said I applaud Mr.West for the following reasons:
1. He realizes the importance that he has on his audience though social media
2. He keeps them entertained and allows them to be part of the experience. (For example, he arrived at the NYC release, dressed as normally as a spectator in the crowd, with a camera in hand to record his own video. he went unnoticed for the duration of the video, until he got back to his Maybach and waved at the crowd.)
3. He is building anticipation about his new upcoming album release.
Whether you hate or love him, Kanye deserves to be applauded for his keen ability to engage his audience in the most intricate of ways.The article by Mashable talks about the debut of the video and I thought it was interesting on how he executed this strategy

For more information, visit:


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