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You CAN Always Get What you Want…When You Use Social Media

Posted by Lauren F. on May 27, 2013

Pop Up Banana Stand

Pop Up Banana Stand

This weekend not only marked the celebration of Memorial Day and the unofficial start of summer, but the return of the comedic cult classic, Arrested Development. However, unlike the previous three seasons that aired on Fox more than seven years ago, the fourth season made its debut on Netflix, joining a lineup of new content the video streaming site has released this year.

Although the reception of the new episodes has been mixed, the return of Arrested Development is significant to our class given the fact that the fourth season is the result of a long battle waged by fans of the show on the Internet and social media. Since Fox announced it would be canceling Arrested Development due to low ratings, a barrage of online petitions, fan websites, and social media conversations emerged prompting the powers that be to reinstate the show. And it worked. Predominantly because the fan following increased as more and more viewers were exposed to the show via the Internet.

First, it was rumored that the series would return in the form of a full-lenth movie, however, then Netflix announced that it would feature the fourth season as streamable content. What followed was a social media marketing campaign that is now being hailed as a case study for other shows to emulate in the future. A particularly appealing example of Netflix’s online efforts to publicize the return of the show is a partnership between Netflix and to deliver frozen bananas and other food featured in past episodes.

For more information on the social media movement that prompted the return of Arrested Development for a fourth season, go to


Lauren Fliegelman


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