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Not Even Surgery is Private

Posted by aliverpo03 on May 28, 2013

Social media in the hospital setting ins nothing new. There have already been live tweeted heart transplants and and brain surgeries. But on Tuesday, the Dr.s at UCLA Health hospital in California were the first to use Vine to live record a brain surgery. The Dr.s even woke up the patient in the middle of the operation so that they could record him playing guitar during the surgery (I’m not sure if that was necessary).

The surgery was done to implant a brain pacemaker in the patient. The hospital was using the video and the hash tag #UCLAORlive to promote the new brain pacemaker on social media during the operation. Although I do believe that it was ingenious of them to use social media in such a open manor, the surgery is drawing more attention due to the fact that is was public displayed on social media than for the pacemaker.

The Vine videos that were made were ultimately for a good cause and done in good taste (very little blood or the inside of his brain). I would say, were I the one having surgery, I’am not sure I  would want my medical procedure to be made public, especially if something were to go wrong.

Vine Surgery

-Amanda Liverpool-Cummins


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