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10 Hot Social Networks to Watch

Posted by stephanielenore on May 29, 2013

10 Hot Social Networks to Watch

Honestly, will anything ever overtake Facebook? I personally have my own doubts, but these new niche platforms have some interesting potential… even if they do just end up being purchased and adapted into more dominant networks. 

Of the 10 emerging networks listed, Medium and Ghost seem, at least for now, to just be two other competing blogging platforms. Kleek, which offers user the ability to build a smaller, more selective feed of Facebook friends, is begging to be purchased and folded into the original Zuckerberg production, as are Pose and RunKeeper. These three networks offer niche settings that could easily be incorporated into Facebook and Instagram, in a similar manner to the List feature of Twitter; one feed for close friends, another of fashion images, another for running buddies, etc. 

Viddy and Vine, both micro-film creators, seem to be setup as natural competitors, though Viddy is already able to incorporate into other platforms and offers users better production tools. 

The Days platform seems particularly cool and is the one I would be most likely to use. Essentially, the network creates a shareable photojournal based on the metadata of date storage in one’s smartphone. If Days could integrate into iCal or Google Calendar, it would essentially become a social media scrapbooking network, offering users the ability to organize and store schedules and daily occurrences with minimal effort.


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