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#Facebook is aging itself without #hashtags

Posted by juliarav on May 29, 2013

Being the forefront of social media, Facebook is expected to adopt #hashtags, one of the most popular and almost day-to-day language earlier enough to get in the game like Twitter, Tumblr or YouTube. However, in case you are still wondering about Facebook and #hashtag, it is still two separate issues. When I say, “I am having the time of my life,” it is simply a “what’s on your mind” status. Not related to any broader conversation at all, or maybe, but I am not sure about it. However, if #hashtag is in use, “I am having the time of my #life” can be something big. #life becomes searchable and valuable to many people, especially marketers or even communication professionals like you and me. We understand people better and faster.

#Hashtag is simply useful in the sense that it brings people together. In reality, marketers nowadays are all adopting different ways to bring like-minded people together, the use of #hashtag is only one obvious tool.

However, I believe a lot of people have the same concern with me in that the traditional use of language is #dying off. We use LOL to represent big laughter and now maybe #LOL for happiness or whatever that may mean. Not opposing the use of #hashtag in any way, because sometimes I do find it easier to #hashtag something rather than saying it in a complete sentence; yet, just to make a point.


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