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Creative Social Media Production with Vine

Posted by rc9530a on May 30, 2013

Mashable recently held an interactive contese for its readers to produce “Vines” using the theme of “Unexpected Pairs.” For those of you that aren’t familiar with the app, Vine is a social media tool that’s best described as the video form of Twitter. It allows for users to film videos up to six seconds long and share them with their friends. The app doesn’t have as large of a following as other comparable apps like Instagram, but it’s still relatively new and slightly unheard of.

What makes Vine such a great tool is that its built-in camera feature allows for dynamic video production capabilities on the part of its users. Where as most camera apps force you to record once you’ve press the record button, Vine works by recording only while your finger is touching the screen. This feature allows for great versatility in creating content, a great example being Mashable’s “Unexpected Pairs” contest:

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