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Ashton Kutcher has a problem with the media on Twitter. Do you?

Posted by hlg123 on May 31, 2013

Earlier this week, Ashton Kutcher told an audience at the CTIA 2013 wireless conference that  “Twitter’s experience has changed for me, pretty drastically. It used to be sort of a personalized, experience for me, a really personal experience that I could share. I think for lack of a better verb, I think the media kind of f***ed it up,” Kutcher said on Thursday. “I think retweeting hurt Twitter the most.”

Kutcher’s primary complaint  is that he believes Twitter has primarily become a marketing tool. As social media platforms age, its interesting to think about how those that last have evolved over time.  I was a college freshman when Facebook was launched among the first round of colleges. Thinking about what it was like then in comparison to what Facebook is today is quite startling when you think about it. All platforms will (and should evolve over time, but what happens when these changes fundamentally change the framework of the platform?

As a latecomer to Twitter, I never experience the “personalized” experience Kutcher is referring to, but I think one of the platform’s greatest strengths now is acting as a source of up-to-the-minute headlines. That being said, I do think that platforms like Facebook and Twitter are in danger of morphing into giant amalgamations that resemble one another too closely. There are benefits to having a niche, and offering similar content in a different format, in my opinion, is a devaluation of each. Which begs the question, how should these platforms balance keeping up with their competitors, while maintaining the elements that made them popular in the first place?

-Hannah Griffin


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