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@JELLO’s #FML Campaign: Bizarre, Brilliant, or Abysmal?

Posted by hlg123 on June 2, 2013

To launch the start of its “Fun My Life” campaign, JELL-O’s official Twitter account announced “If you tweet #FML now thru 6/14, your Fun My Life wish may just be satisfied. By us.  See for yourself:” The campaign’s website pulls all tweets with the hashtag #fml (I’m guessing we all know what #FML stands for in the Twittersphere, but if not, come find me in class and I’ll elaborate) onto the campaign’s website, and JELL-O responds to a variety of the tweets with a gimmicky suggestion on how the disgruntled tweeter can improve their day.

JELL-O is taking an unusual approach with its corporate social media campaign, and it has already generated a lot of online buzz, with some arguing its a brilliant marketing campaign, while others see it as a ridiculous attempt to garner short-lived attention online:

Since we’ve all just finished Likeonomics, I’d like to get people’s opinions on how these tactics compare to the marketing approaches recommended by Bhargava. I think this campaign is a short-sited attempt by JELL-O to garner attention and followers on Twitter. With less than 4,000 followers, JELL-O has a minimal social media presence, however, this tongue-in-cheeck campaign seems to do very little for the brand long term. Aside from my personal view that this campaign is an invasive, silly, and cringeworthy attempt on JELL-O’s part to splash itself all over Twitter, I think campaigns like these miss the mark on Twitter completely.  I’d be interested in hearing other perspectives on this. Is JELL-O’s #FML Campaign a brilliant social media marketing move, or a total miss?

–Hannah Griffin


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