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The Mystery of LinkedIn

Posted by Stephanie on June 2, 2013

ImageI just don’t get LinkedIn. Of course I have a profile and keep it updated as LinkedIn falls under the overarching umbrella of social media. Maybe part of the reason I don’t really get it is attributed to my refusal to actually look for a career-focused job until recently. I could teach myself how to use it effectively, and maybe discover something great and career worthy. I could use this very straightforward, very generic article as a guide, but somehow I just don’t see the point.

 I recently tried to reach out to a communications professional involving a potential job lead on LinkedIn. I however could not contact them or invite them to be contacts because I could not supply their email address (which I was in pursuit of in the first place.) I was not a former classmate, was not a colleague (though I hoped to be) and not a friend. So to me, the only time I needed LinkedIn, I couldn’t use it.

Also, I REALLY don’t get endorsing. Why do I have people I have never worked with and barely know from college endorsing me for skills like editing? This can’t be the purpose right? What employer is going to look at my page and think “ah yes, person X endorsed her, so she must be a phenomenal editor!”

This could be me being cynical; I do truly believe LinkedIn is beneficial and has some point. However, is it really worth my time getting to know, when a good old fashioned email and in- person networking seem to lead to similar (if not greater) success?

-Stephanie Saulsbury


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