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The Era of “Game of Throne” in Social Media – “Winter is Coming”

Posted by juliarav on June 3, 2013

I find it fascinating when I encounter this infographic that captures how “the winter” has come for social media, when people like me may have believed in its prosperity. This infographic has made some great points, but here are some of my thoughts:
– Generally speaking, younger generations are the primary and main targets when it comes to social media, so Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest are all fighting to get the attention from the similar groups. No wonder they will find ways to cut others’ off.
– Collaboration and cooperation are great, but business is business and no one will ever share resources purely for the benefits of others.
– It seems that the competition between Facebook and Twitter are the fieriest considering of the back-and-force games between the two through these years. And now is the time to see who has more weights to bring to the table. Instagram is currently being used as a strong weapon and it is interesting to see what else might change the game.
– I am not quite sure who will benefit from the endless fights, but I think we, as customers will be negatively affected due to the internal conflicts among “houses”. Frankly, the whole point of social media and social networking are to make people’s lives easier, and what now?


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