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Connecting A Viewer To An Event

Posted by nguldin on June 4, 2013

How does the media make someone from New York truly care about the tornado in Oklahoma? It’s not the easiest task in the world to accomplish but a good journalist or reporter has to do this everyday.

I believe the overall key is to make a personal connection with the reader or viewer. They don’t want to hear or read facts. That typically bores the reader and decreases their chance of truly understanding the magnitude of what has happened. Put the viewer in the shoes of a victim of the disaster.

How about an elderly woman who lost everything. She stands before what used to be her house and amongst the debris comes her dog that she thought had died during the tornado. That is a powerful story, but why?

I believe it gives people the ability to connect. Instead of discussing the overall damage to a certain thousand of homes, it personalizes the event by sharing the story of one elderly woman in Oklahoma who found happiness when many would think it is impossible.



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