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Happy Social Media Day!

Posted by aliverpo03 on June 4, 2013

Social Media Day is a global holiday that is becoming a full movement. It is a time to celebrate the love of social media and social networking that is used every day. The day was started by just a few meetup groups but currently, Social Media Day is celebrated in cities world wide including, Toronto, Canada, Dublin, Ireland, and Tampa Florida. In the U.S. 17 cities and three states recognize June 30th as Social Media Day. Although it is not yet a national holiday, state by state, proclamations are being drawn to have Social Media Day recognized as a holiday.

The love of social networking is here to stay in today’s society; it is wonderful to see people celebrate something that brings them together. I do believe however, that it is silly to celebrate a construct that is so common to everyday life. I find it similar to celebrating “national bed day” which perhaps would go well if everyone could sleep. With all the faux pau’s of the social media environment I have to wonder if it will make it to a national holiday.

Find out more about how Social Media Day was celebrated this year and see you can have Social Media Day proclaimed in your state



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