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Social Media platforms: what should we do? Advertisers: we are losing controls!

Posted by juliarav on June 4, 2013

Social Media platforms: what should we do? Advertisers: we are losing controls!

Not very long ago, advertising on Facebook was free and advertisers were embracing the idea of using social media platforms to engage with their target markets.

Things have changed and the central issue traces back to self regulation of advertisers and the responsibilities of “vendors” such as Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr: what should they advertise and how far they can go when it comes to sensitive topics? Very hard to say.

You will expect the term of services to answer your question, but when you actually look into those, you will find them hard to cover everything, not to mention new things that are coming out on the daily basis. For example, define sensitive?

As some social media platforms are looking for more comprehensive policies for better regulation, Robert Quigley, a senior lecturer of social media at University of Texas said social media companies should ask for more ad dollars. It may be one way to see it, but I really doubt how effective it can be. Additionally, even if a comprehensive agreement can be reached by the industry, they will be outliers like Yahoo, which said that it would not remove pornography from Tumblr. Okay, that’s settled.

Maybe it is just me, but I feel like that everything has to do with online advertising is hard to define and regulate because lots of money is involved and no matter what the industry decides to move forward, someone will have to sacrifice.

Now what gets the say?

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