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Morgan Spurlock: Embrace the Unknown

Posted by jennywang6 on June 5, 2013

Morgan Spurlock sold his Ted Talk title on Ebay! He knew someone would buy it, no matter how ambiguous the content was to the seller…

I loved the video excerpt of him trying to sell his film concept to prospective buyers/companies–none of the advertising/pr companies wanted anything to do with him. His idea’s “fatal flaw” was that it was too transparent, too easily detectable.

What is your brand? Everyone has one, no matter if they know exactly what their brand is or not. After meeting with a professional consultant, he “discovers” that his brand is mindful, playful, and embraces fear. Are you an up, adventurous, edgy, magical sort of brand? Or are you an down, mindful, stable, sacred kind of brand.

I was impressed by the companies who chose to cut out the middle man and sponsor Morgan’s film; their investment paid off–over 900 million impressions!

So the bottom line is that if you take chances, you take risks, then you are more likely to be rewarded. Take risks, don’t be afraid of opportunities. 

Embrace the unknown, embrace fear.

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