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Social Media Gatekeeping

Posted by rc9530a on June 5, 2013

Beginning June 12, the Washington Post will be requiring mobile and web users to pay for access to all of its content. The practice known as “pay walling” is popular with online publications and guarantees that the companies in question can continue to produce material with fewer profit losses. 

What I find even more interesting about the act of the pay walling is the it begins to gate keep information from certain people. As many of us may know, the comments section of news websites are comparable to the ninth circle of hell. It seems as though conspiracy theorists, racists and bigots love to gather in the comments and had their voices heard. 

By forcing users to pay for access to articles, I wonder how the comment sections will be affected. Will this keep out the more deplorable members of society, or will those same people be willing to dish out the cash in order to be heard?



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