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Posted by rc9530a on June 5, 2013

Morgan Spurlock: The Greatest TED ever sold

Long beach, California – 2011

Notes from Spurlock’s Speech:

  • Sold the naming rights to the TED talk he’s giving on eBay.
  • Nothing could prepare him for meeting with PR companies.
  • Wanted to create a movie about transparency and branding in film.
  • Only one agency was willing to help him, only because he’d been friends with the owners for a while.
  • Asked people to brand themselves and got funny and unique responses.
  • Nine hundred million media impression since its Sundance debut.
  • Avoiding risks avoids opportunities and rewards.

Spurlock gave a heated speech to his audience about the hypocrisy of transparency in large corporations. While many companies and entities claim to be transparent, it is only because they are in complete control of the content that is made available and the process in which that availability is created. When give the chance to receive free promotion at the cost of losing complete control of their brand, the companies declined Spurlock. Spurlock then argued that if you don’t take risks, you won’t reap great rewards.

I found Spurlock’s argument to be irrelevant and lacking in logic. Spurlock is a polarizing character, and it would be foolish to hand off your brand, especially to a well-known controversial filmmaker, just to “take a risk” and prove his point. Relinquishing control of a brand that had taken so long to build in a society that loves to tear anything and everything down isn’t a risk—it’s just plain stupid.


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