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Embrace Transparency

Posted by aliverpo03 on June 6, 2013

EMC purchased the rights to name the TEDTalk given by Morgan Spurlock, Embrace Transparency. The talk was based loosely on the brand transparency and greatly on Spurlocks new movie.
Morgan Spurlock went to prison, worked on a cole mine, ate McDonalds for a living and spent most of his career in seemingly horrible situations in order to examine life’s situations to make them accessible to everyday people. Nothing could prepare him for going into room of brand marketers to ask them to do “the greatest movie ever sold.”
Many people were not helpful- one person even told him to “turn the camera off”
The question was why so many people were not willing to help. “New media, old media, isn’t the point to get the brand to as many people as possible?” The one flaw was this: transparency.
Transparency- why do ideas about it change when it comes to making it a reality?
It’s scary, unpredictable
Companies want to tell their story not your story
Your story my story and the real story
Understanding your brand can be a problem
In an interview with Ban executives, footage showed that they could not describe their brand when asked. Spurlock then interviewed people on the streets, forcimg the, to think about their atrivutes, and then went to a specialist himself to discover his own brand.
Spurlock was eventually able to find 17 brands who were willing to be a part of the story. They cut out the middle man and were able to work directly with the artist to challenge the way people looked at the world.
His talk concludes with some final thoughts. Take chances and take risk and with one risk will come opportunities, encourage people to take risk and not be afraid of opportunities that scare them. When you embrace fear and risk”one big spoonful at a time” ultimately you embrace transparency.
The overall idea of risk taking and transparency were wonderful thoughts but this TEDTalk was truly a movie plug in the end. It would be interesting to see how transparent the brands actually we’re in his film and how much he lives up to his personal brand.


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