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How To Be Fearless

Posted by nguldin on June 6, 2013

In his latest piece, Morgan Spurlock wasn’t on screen but on TED Talks, the innovative daily podcast that brings the worlds leading thinkers and doers to the web. Spurlock wasn’t there to talk about films, but to discuss the advertising profession and its fear of transparency.

Spurlock traveled the globe learning about the world of advertising. He sought out the most powerful ad agencies and asked them if they could help with his latest film. Only problem was he couldn’t seem to convince any agencies to help.

“I thought advertising was all about getting your name out there,” he said as he struggled trying to figure out why everyone kept denying his offer.

Spurlock later found out that they were afraid and scared of the risk. “They said they wanted to tell their own story, not your story.”

During his travels, Spurlock also sought out people on the streets in New York City, Washington D.C. and elsewhere asking people what they thought their brand was. One said he was “casual fly,” while another said, “I’m the dog-toy guy because I sell dog toys.”

He then met with Olsan Zartman Associates in Pittsburgh, Pa. One of Olsan’s associates grilled Spurlock with questions attempting to learn his own personal brand.

Their report compared him to brands like Apple Inc. and Target because he was fearless and he took risks. He didn’t avoid confrontation; he confronted it.

In his final minutes, Spurlock told the audience to be fearless and “take risks because risks bring opportunity…Embrace fear, risk and transparency.” Something these ad agencies did not have the courage to do.


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