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The Greatest Movie Ever Sold,Explained in the The Greatest TED Talk Ever Shown?

Posted by hlg123 on June 6, 2013

Morgan Spurlock sure hopes you think so. Spurlock  appears on stage and declares, “I want to break big society issues open in a way that is engaging and accessible to an audience.” So, will Spurlock’s own  TED Talk live up to his own high standards?

During a monologue intended to confront corporate branding and sponsorship practices, an active listener can’t help but feel that what Spurlock is giving us is more of the same.  The worlds of marketing and advertising may be in the hot seat tonight, but Spurlock hasn’t quite escaped himself.  From my seat, it seems like he’s learned a thing or two from the ad execs he so readily exposes.  The audience seems engage, and for the price of a seat here one would hope so.  But as Spurlock declares that transparency is “scary, unpredictable, and risky,” one can’t help but feel that while his approach is unpredictable, it’s also shaping-up to be risky and a little scary, too.

Parody is always tricky, but a subtler approach might serve Spurlock more in the future. As things stand, one can’t quite determine what is going on. And perhaps, that is the point.

–Hannah Griffin


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