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When to Back Off the Social Media Baby Train

Posted by stephanielenore on June 6, 2013

When to Back Off the Social Media Baby Train

This article reminded me of a conversation we briefly touched on during the first week of class. While reading, I was struck by the simplicity of the suggestions made to the over-sharing parents; namely, less is more and quality vs. quantity. The ideas are pretty basic (we’ve been discussing them in some form or another all year), but it highlights how common sense seems to go out of the window when people take their private lives online. 

Also, has anyone every tried a Chrome extension like I know there are a ton of similar filters out there, but don’t think I actually know anyone who uses them. At some point, wouldn’t a user feel slightly left out? I suppose it depends on a ton of factors, including time spent on specific platforms, along with regional and generational user differences. 


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