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Infographic of the heated discussion about Chinese Earthquake Administration

Posted by yuchrisahu on June 7, 2013


Personally, I think this infographic is very good. It came out within a week after Lushan Earthquake, which stirred a heated discussion about Chinese Earthquake Administration.

Criticism about Chinese Earthquake Administration (CEA) came from the pubic and they questioned whether the government have performed well in issues of predicting earthquake, doing academic research on issues about earthquake, educating people about earthquake. This infographic gives information about three major questions: how does CEA spend their budget, how to predict earthquake, how does earthquake administration in Japan perform their responsibilities, and is it necessary to keep CEA working like this.

Building information on pie graphic makes the distribution of budget quite clear. We can see from the Pie chart that employees in CEA equals five times of that in Facebook and their annual budget can be used to build 5 Beijing National Stadium (Bird’s Nest). Then it explains the how CEA spent their budget. In  the pie charts, it illustrates that 64.25 percent of the budget is spent on the daily issues of CEA and 25.16 percent is about the cost in technology support and research. This seems quite reasonable. However, in the next charts, these “reasonable distribution” of budget is not quite reasonable. Over 50 percent of the budget in CEA’s daily issue is spent on maintain administrative issues, which is irrelevant to issues on studying earthquake or preparing emergency plans when earthquake comes. In addition, in the budget for education and research, over 80 percent of the budget is used on issues that is irrelevant to earthquake studies. These pie charts have answered the biggest question from the public in a very informative way and make the issues easier to understand.

In the following chapter, the author explains the laws and regulations between China and Japan on the emergency plans when earthquake comes. It shows to the public that Chinese regulation allows earthquake reports to report the news in 12 minutes once they find the earthquake has come. However, earthquakes are unpredictable. There are only 10 seconds for people to response before the earthquake comes if they are reported as soon as earthquake is sensed by technology. In Japan, the government spends  almost the same budget as CEA does on all kinds of issues related to weather report. That means, all issues related to weather including earthquake and volcano eruption are included in this budget. This part of information is reminding the public a quite serious problem that even CEA spends so much on their daily issues, they are not performing well on their responsibilities.

At last, the author explained that CEA spends 153 million RMB on housing allowance of their employees and only 6 million on their researches. All information above is questioning that whether it is necessary to have such a big administration to perform so little duties, and this is what Chinese people always questioning about  Chinese government.

Using inforgraphic to explain such complicated and serious issue is a good way for audience to read and understand. I think this inforgraphic explains all questions well, especially on using a lot of pie charts to explain the budget and compare budget between Japanese and Chinese government. What’s more, because it came out when the issue was popular, so it is quite informative, timely, and also memorable.


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