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Your Password Or Your Job? New Hampshire Says “No Dice” (Maybe)

Posted by zachthebernstein on June 7, 2013

The Live Free or Die state wants you to live free of worry that your boss will be looking over your shoulder on Facebook.

The New Hampshire state Senate voted unanimously today to block employers from being able to demand user names or password from employees or job applicants.  Before you decide to pack your bags, head up to New Hampshire and bask in all that freedom, it’s worth noting the bill’s passage is still not certain due to a more controversial amendment related to union contracts.  If you’re asking what that has to do with social media, the answer is…nothing.  Absolutely nothing at all.  But because that amendment was only added in the Senate version, the House, which passed the bill in March, will have to decide if they want to accept those changes, which means this bill probably won’t be passed for a little while, if it actually does get passed.

Still, as the article notes, six other states passed similar legislation last year, and at least 35 more are working on their own bills.  And while this bill wouldn’t stop employers from  running a background check, looking you up on LinkedIn, or blocking you from checking your personal Twitter account on company time or property, this kind of push reflects just how concerned people are about overly-intrusive employers trying to get access to personal profiles.

For now, New Hampshire is a wait and see.  Hopefully this extra amendment doesn’t kill the bill.  But then, it’s politics – something can always go wrong.


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