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#Songforpic Becomes a New Direction for Instagram

Posted by juliarav on June 8, 2013

#Songforpic Becomes a New Direction for Instagram

Log in and match – easy steps and then a song is matched for your picture. What a surprise!

It really amazes me that #Songforpic may open a new era for Instagram, which undergoes an interesting yet ill-prepared big change, from a photo sharing site to a social networking platform.

Despite that #Songforpic is relatively new and is subject to changes and limitations, I strongly believe it will become something big because:
1. It syncs with Instagram and not so much of burden for users
2. Users will be able to browse photos by music
3. The integration of music and photo sharing combines two distinctive demographics together
4. Visualized music and musical photos make both things more playful.
5. #Songforpic encourages more audience engagement. Users will be able to share their favorite matching with friends.
6.Musical photos may hit you at an emotional moment.

If you think about it, it is not enough to be good with what you do but be mindful about what else others are doing. A photo sharing app is revamping itself to become a musical photo sharing + networking platform; Tumblr makes it possible and easier to visualize our world rather than reading between the lines. What’s next then?


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