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Google has a Waze to go

Posted by aliverpo03 on June 9, 2013

Wouldn’t it be convenient be be able to talk to other people in real time on your morning commute and find out which way NOT to go?  Could be pretty useful considering the average commute time in our are is at least an hour. With the Waze app you can get turn by turn navigation directions for your commute that, with the help of your network, cut down your commute time.

Google recently announced that it has just about finalized their purchase of the Waze app from a start up Israeli company. Waze has supposedly been purchased for $1.3 billion. Google has agreed not to lay off any of the Israeli works and keep the current CEO Noam Bardin.

Google apparently beat out Facebook for the purchase of Waze. The deal was in the works for many months. Although they state there will be no change to Waze, we will just have to see if there are adaptions made to further format the company to the Google vision. This can only mean big things for Waze in the future.


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