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So Easy, a Baby Can do It

Posted by Lauren F. on June 9, 2013


Two summers ago, during a skill-building, post-college phase in my life, I enrolled in an HTML/CSS course in order to learn to build websites using code. At the beginning of the course I had visions of myself typing with abandon as I created digital art before my very eyes….ten weeks later and slightly disillusioned, I came to understand that coding is very much like learning a language. It’s hard to do, but the more you practice the better you get. You will not be able to speak fluently after a month. Furthermore, you have to practice frequently, otherwise you’ll lose the skill. And of course, this is what seems to have happened to me…

So, when I read that game developers are starting to create apps to teach html code to children as young as pre-k, I was really intrigued. Turns out, this is the next frontier in children’s e-games. Games like “Daisy the Dinosaur” and “Move the Turtle” are designed to teach basic programming in a way that is both fun and educational to kids. I for one think this is brilliant.

Although it sounds silly, I may even give one of these apps a try myself to refresh some basic knowledge I once had. If you’re interested in doing the same, you can find information about these apps in the article, “How and why to teach your kids to code.”




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