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Bloggable Weddings: A Sign of the Times?

Posted by hlg123 on June 10, 2013


In a recent BBC article, “The rise of the bloggable wedding,” photographer Caroline Briggs argues that the”must haves” of a modern wedding have changed. “Enjoying their big day with friends and family may no longer be enough for the modern bride and groom thanks to the increasing popularity of wedding blogs.” Thousands of wedding-inspired blogs, Tumblrs, Pins, and shared photos on Instagram deal with every detail of the happy couple’s big day.

Rock n Roll Bride blogger Kat Williams notes that “Some people see having their wedding blogged almost as a validation that it was a success, which I find a bit weird.”  Publicizing weddings is nothing new. Engagement and wedding photos have been a staple of print news, and famous weddings are national, and sometimes international events (think Will and Kate). But when does “the bloggable wedding” go too far? There seems to be a fundamental difference between capturing and sharing moments form the day’s events, and constructing each detail in order to share in blog form. Ultimately, I think couples should do whatever makes them happy. If throwing the most “bloggable” wedding is a priority, go for it. But it feels a lot like those photo-sharing obsessed friends who spend majority of a special experience in search of the perfect shot for social media.

–Hannah Griffin


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