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Crisis Communication: Always Be Prepared

Posted by nguldin on June 10, 2013

A company must always do its best to be prepared for a crises. They occur all the time and typically when you least expect it. Having a brief plan in place can save your company and its reputation at a time when it is in dire need of revival. Follow these steps to set up a basic crisis communication plan for your company:

  1. Have a plan: Make a list of possible crises that could happen to your company and create a brief plan on how you would go about solving the issue.
  2. Responsibility to the victims and families: It is important to remember that the victims are the one’s whom are suffering. Apologize and send your best regards.
  3. Take responsibility: Acknowledge the situation from the start and immediately work on a resolution.
  4. Acknowledge social media: Social media should be an important tool used when dealing with a crisis, so don’t forget about it!
  5. Speak with one voice: It is important to have a clear and consistent message. Have one spokesperson for your organization.

Click here and read the final tips that can help you and your organization plan and act in time of a crisis.


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