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Senators on Vine

Posted by bexmoy on June 10, 2013

Senators on Vine

Last week BuzzFeed covered the few but proud Senators who embraced the Rules Committee’s ruling that Vine was an acceptable app for the upper-chamber.

As Liana mentioned in class, it’s amazing to see the stories that can be told on Vine in just six seconds, from strolling through the Cherry Blossoms to why the country needs Immigration Reform.

I think this platform could be very humanizing for a lot of members, which is a major reason we all use social media in the first place. Different than other platforms, however, it typically actually always includes the Senator in the video. The brevity also engages younger people, and if is about a policy issue it’s a six second sound bite, rather than a full floor speech posted on YouTube–again making it a more accessible way to get involved in politics. 

It will be a great tool to watch on the campaign trail as well, as shown already by Cory Booker. Plus Republicans have seemed to jump on the trend more quickly. A definite plus for the GOP as they continue to revamp their image. 



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